About Engagement

Azimut Investments, as part of the Azimut Group, has always taken its pride in being independent.
With this independence comes responsibility and the necessity to engage with companies worldwide with the aim of promoting social responsibility and sustainable developments.
Azimut Investments is fully transparent when it comes to voting policies and practices as well as active engagement in global markets. We are committed to encouraging good corporate governance practices at the companies in which we invest through several means. As signatories to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) we seek to positively influence environmental, corporate and governance behaviors through proxy voting, engagement with management, internal research on governance, and participation in industry surveys and events.
Thanks to the strategic partnership between Azimut and ISS Governance – leading proxy voting advisor – we exercise our voting rights based upon the recommendations of the ISS Governance’s Sustainability Policy (the one specifically designed for UN PRI signatories).
Full transparency about how Azimut Investments exercised its voting rights is provided in the section below.

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