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Everything is unfolding as expected. In our 2021 outlook as well as during Azimut annual convention, we had outlined two main risks for 2021 for financial markets: the inability to contain the pandemic due to the mutation of the virus or problems with vaccine rollouts, and expectations of a...

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Almighty Central Bankers

One thing we can be certain of is that the early part of this millennium will be remembered in the history books as the years of central bankers.

Frontier Markets Podcast Series


We would like to introduce you to the first episode of our monthly Frontier Markets Podcasts Series. In these podcasts, we will discuss a selection of ‘Frontier’ markets around the world, with a special guest speaker from the country in question every month. In the first podcast, our focus...

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Release the Kraken

What happened in equity markets earlier this year is a modern version of David versus Goliath Trapped at home in the midst of the pandemic with plenty of time and additional free money received from the new round of government payments, a motley crew of retail traders have given professional...

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Azimut Global Perspectives

We are proud to share our first digital brochure, with insightful interviews and videos from our global investment team presenting market views, investment opportunities and asset allocation ideas for 2021.

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Dissecting the Decoupling

Macroeconomic data from the United States as well as the rest of the world have diverged significantly in recent weeks.

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Is going to be the key theme of 2021. After one of the deepest recession in modern history the global GDP is set to regain some of the lost ground next year. Thanks to vaccinations and therapeutics being gradually distributed in the United States and Europe, the end of the health emergency...

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Rates free to move

The end of the long term decline in risk free rates has been called countless times in recent years and has never materialized While saying "this time is different" often turns out to be wrong in finance, there are several reasons currently suggesting that in the near future it’s better to remain...